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List of Anti-counterfeit Printing Pattern(Guilloche) | Moire | Anti-copying | Watermarking


Using anti-counterfeiting design techniques or software to make the anti-counterfeiting patterns can also have good anti-counterfeiting effects in general printing solutions. It goes without saying that the anti-counterfeiting pattern designs combined with the special inks or laser anti-counterfeiting effects can reach an even higher anti-counterfeiting level. You may evaluate your budgets for the anti-counterfeiting designs depending on the commodity values and prices. The following are a list of various anti-counterfeiting pattern designs to summarize their particularities.



There exist implicit moire pattern that naked eyes can only see the sole color blocks, while the hidden patterns can be seen through exclusive inspection filters.



2.Anti-copying patterns

There are many ways to achieve anti-copy purpose, we can using hologram hot stamp as well as anti-copy patterns. Please refer to the left figure, which is the original one. We only see the gray shading, and specific patterns on it, and COPY VOID text would be generated in the copied sheets (please refer to the right figure). COPY VOID text can also be customized. Anti-copy pattern do not need special ink, it offers high-technology security effect with economical price.

Anti-copying patterns(copy void)


3.Guilloche Pattern

The anti-counterfeiting shadings such as fractal, relief, engraving, and anti-copying types, etc. can be made with extremely complicated lines or pattern variations via specific mathematic logic algorithms. Not only difficult to fake, such design characteristics have well become unique esthetics of the security category products. The only possibility for copying is to imitate and draw thoroughly after blowing up, but it is extremely difficult.

Guilloche Pattern

Guilloche Pattern


4.Micro text (fine characters, extremely tiny characters)

Micro text is a very simple and effective means of anti-counterfeiting measure. The printing equipment needs to be adjusted to the most precise status for printing extremely small characters. The small characters can be hidden at wherever places not easy to find, so that counterfeiters are not able to forge, and let alone re-producing through copying. For the current printing level’s regard, whatever fonts smaller than 0.3mm (1pt) are classified as micro text, which needs to be assisted by magnifying glass for viewing clearly. It depends on the printing condition differences, there surely are other methods for making even smaller characters, but there could be different constrains accordingly.

Micro text (fine characters, extremely tiny characters)

Micro text (fine characters, extremely tiny characters)

Micro text (fine characters, extremely tiny characters)


5.Stroke reduction in words

Anti counterfeiting through stroke reduction in words - randomly reduce the strokes of the words. Only the upstream co-workers get to know such secret anti-counterfeiting measure, and the illegal counterfeiters cannot find such small details easily.

Stroke reduction in words

Positioned emboss


6.Positioned emboss

Positioned emboss-similar to what from the stamping effect. In addition to what colors are able to bring us, it also enriches the textures of paper with introverted and tactile sensations. In the securities or supporting documents the metal stamp marks also imply public recognition of justice and credibility.

Positioned emboss


7.Relief Engraving Printing Pattern & Engraving security effect

Engraving security effect – please refer to the above figure, the looming building behind Holo Solution logo is composed of a series of dense lines, and the looming effect is resulted from complex combinations in the thickness variations of the lines.

Relief engraving printing - the complex changes through thin or bold curved lines have been used which come up with specific patterns that it not only creates quality textures with authority, the redrawing process also make it difficult to forge.

Relief Engraving Printing Pattern

Relief Engraving Printing Pattern



Watermarking-through two-color printing, anti-copying can create the watermark effect, and that makes replication even more difficult.



9.Latent image security

Utilize the different reflection angles from different inks, latent image anti-counterfeiting effects can be made that the hidden patterns are clearly visible only at certain rotating angles. Such anti-counterfeiting effects can only be made through special processes. The anti-counterfeiting level is high, and easy for the consumers to identify.

Latent image security


10.Changeable Serial Number, QR Code & Bar Code

Each printout has a unique identity number, which is convenient for management of its whereabouts or the recording of the timeframe, as well as the management on the production, product and distributors. There is certain threshold on variability in printing, and it is also a basic and effective way for anti-counterfeiting. Because of its variability, the counterfeiters cannot figure it out, and for the sake of its uniqueness, the original manufacturer can easily detect duplicates.

Changeable QR Code & Bar Code

Changeable QR Code & Bar Code


11. Dynamic characters, gray-scale varying serial numbers

The hidden specific mathematical logics, rules of the dynamic characters definitions are solely controlled by the original manufacturer; and on the other hand, these complex logical changes cannot be edited one by one. It is almost impossible for the counterfeiters to figure out the rules if we make the designs complicated enough, and not to mention anti-counterfeiting.

Gray-scale varying serial numbers: The numbers in the above figure are not just unique, and the combinations of the gray scales are also different. Only the original manufacturer knows the rules and the reference database.

Dynamic characters, gray-scale varying serial numbers

Random-highlight type of serial numbers: The red characters in each serial number are in different positions, and the red characters in the QR Code swill correspond to the red characters in the serial numbers.

Dynamic characters, gray-scale varying serial numbers


12. Anti-counterfeiting paper

The papers themselves have the anti-counterfeiting effects already, but if the anti-counterfeiting effects are to be done in the process of paper-making, the considerable batch quantities will definitely deserve a second thought. We would recommend to use our public-version anti-counterfeiting papers, and that way you may easily benefit from their good anti-counterfeiting effects at small quantities.

The authenticity of Holo Solution Inc.'s anti-counterfeiting papers can be easily identified, as the effects of watermarking can be seen with relevant back light. They have both explicit and implicit anti-counterfeiting effects.

Anti-counterfeiting paper

The fluorescent color filaments embedded in the paper are visible to the naked eye, and the hidden fluorescent filaments will illuminate under the UV light of specific wavelength range.

Anti-counterfeiting paper

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